a little of both

Senses are a pale yellow,
Shimmering attires.Pasty smiles.
Not enough. No depth.
But a chasm? Yes.
The museum of my consciousness
Flashed with brilliant colors,
Strawberry red to azure blue.
The shades of grey took over,
Stimulating memory taunt syndrome.
The heartbreak was as genuine as the full moon above,
Denial,it seems fuels the fallen.

#poetry #shades #moveforward

A half burnt love letter

‘I’, a word which disarms millions,
‘You’, not too far behind, inflicting pain.
Never imagined ‘us’ in the distant pages of a book,
Yet, here we are humming our maladies!

The stroke of your callus and popped up veins;
Blistered my overwhelmed soul,
Amidst lukewarm hugs and stolen kisses,
Yet, here we are pondering over the darkness of it all!

The heartstrings compose a melody,
The notes unlikely to be missed,
The strength of our tale pushed us away,
Yet here we are wondering about each other’s well-being!

Black, blue, but with a small tint of yellow;
A glimmer of hope in the abyss of shadiness;
‘Us’ is powerful, ‘Us’ is different;
‘Us’ can slay our deepest fears,
‘Us’ can wipe each other’s tears.
I think I am ready for the devil to play cards against us,
Yet here I am, wondering whether you are!

#poem #love #broken

Delusional society


Mental health has always been a core component of effective systems. Sanity of the human consciousness paved us a path from savagery to modernity. The same brains which cared nothing about relations and hope, developed over time into a complex organ, which runs on emotions.

‘ REACH OUT’! This is a phrase many of us might have heard or seen at least in social media. This phrase is supposed to encourage people to actually reach out for help when they are depressed. When one considers this option, the first instinct will be to open up to one’s parents. This option is sometimes a waste of time as most parents believe that their children are super human beings incapable of letting them down. The deep, dark abyss of self loathingcould not possibly weigh them down. They will probably convince  children that it is just a phase and that they will get over it. The same children lull themselves to sleep at night with a heavy heart and teary eyes, finding comfort in their pillows. The next morning, they paste a convincing smile on their faces and sets off to achieve the impossible. Humanity has thus raised mechanical men with their feelings hidden deep inside a pit which even they cannot locate.

There might be an opinion that this makes people strong. Yes, this process will make them strong, if they confront their demons. Lack of emotions does not mean that a person’s heart suddenly transformed to steel. Society, sometimes puts immense pressure on people, either expecting diamonds or with the sole purpose of crushing their will. “It is becoming increasingly clear that young people are facing the greatest risk of suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety”. A research conducted in Britain indicates that many people especially millennials, are simply not getting the same joy from previously loved hobbies, friends and even family. Alongside this lack of enjoyment, many people are reporting an increase in desire to be aloof from other people and social situations. This is followed by low self esteem, an increase in substance abuse, and the loss of ability to carry out simple functions without overthinking. The person might eventually try to harm himself / herself. 

Friendship is a great stress buster. This applies till then, when you realize that their lives are going great even without you. The actual problem arises when you come to the conclusion that your life is revolving around them. They are the sun to your universe, while you, always being a problem is doing what you do best, pulling people down. The few people who love and understand you might try to make you feel better; but they, like others, don’t know the root cause of your problem. They don’t see the emptiness in you or the lack of will, but they do consider making you feel better.

‘JOKER’, the thriller movie released in 2019, is a classic example of the extents to which society pushes people toextremes. The main character suffers from pseudo bulbar affect- a condition where he starts laughing for no particular reason. The man is treated with minimum respect and concern. He goes on a killing spree in Gotham city- the abode of his humiliation. He has a large fan base in the city -people who support him by wearing joker masks. This is a collective representation of the feelings of the people, who are affected mentally by the hierarchies in society.

There are humans who understand the twisting ache at the back of your head. Non Governmental Organisations like AASRA, strive towards a better tomorrow for everyone. Maithri, an institution in Kochi has adopted the objective of befriending the friendless. People who are shy to talk about their crisis, can also send letters and e-mails to these organisations.

Ignorance triumphs. Maybe, Maybe not. Not all the time, anyway. Hope for mankind is not yet extinct.

Read to live…

Why do people turn towards dope?
For the unbelievable feeling of being in control.
For picturing yourself as your own knight in shining armour, for atleast once, in a parallel universe.
I trip on stones, slay dragons and runs alongside the popular warrior princess in her heroic hour. I push barricades aside for my army to proceed towards glory. I brew potions and wave magic wands in muggles’ faces. I take a sword through my heart to get what I want. I make out under the stars and wake up to feel desolated.I wait to be ravished in lacy black dresses and to drown in the tenderness. I take too many tequila shots and wander around overwhelmed,unwanted. I ride horses and surf in the malibu. I kill witches, sleep with vampires and has werewolves for brothers. I am gorgeous and slits open the throats of vermins who cross certain lines.
Hey, forgot to mention that I’m a demigod.
But I am curled up in my bed with a sizzling hot chocolate,cozy blanket and my tonic of magic.